As a registered Partner you have the first choice of the distinctive, unique, innovative consumer products created by the LaunchThis community.

Advantages of our products:

  • license promising products
  • make a higher margin on your assortment
  • generate more traffic to your stores
  • increase the image of your stores or brand
  • market innovative products under your own brand

The creative community develops a continuous flow of fully functioning prototypes for Partners to choose from.


  • exclusively distinctive, innovative, unique and / or innovative products
  • many different products with only one supplier (if needed)
  • less travelling, personal conversations and thus saving time
  • only receive products based on your personal requirements
  • experienced supplier with extensive knowledge of regulations, standards, certification, material composition, quality requirements and production controls with office in China (if needed).
  • possibility to initiate Challenges in case of special wishes

Our Partner network exists of international retailers, agents, resellers, distributors and product publishers (licensees).

Simply from behind your computer.

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