How can I participate?

  • Be part of the creative community
  • Launch product ideas
  • Contribute to product ideas of others

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Become part of a community of like-minded people. Everyone shares the passion for the development of innovative products and hopes to make one or more successful. Join us, together we can achieve more.

Based on the MemberPack of your choise, you can use the services below.

  • Unlimited idea launching
    Launch as many product ideas as you want.
  • Business Buddy
    LaunchThis is your business partner. Within the collaboration you are responsible for the creation, namely the development of the idea into a functional prototype, and LaunchThis is involved in commerce, namely international sales efforts, financial statements, legal documents, exhibition presentations, and customer visits.
  • Proof of registration/idea
    With Proof of Registration you can prove the submission date of your idea. If someone claims that he / she has thought it up before then the Proof of Registration will help you to prove the contrary. The Proof of Registration does not provide any (intellectual) property rights and therefore offers no protection.
  • Idea locker/idea
    After launching your idea ends up in a virtual vault. You decide who gives you access and who doesn’t.
  • QuickScan meeting/idea
    Consultations of one hour on the protection of intellectual property, product design, prototyping, (mass) production and market opportunities.
  • 3D Prints/idea
    If you need 3D prints to make your prototype, LaunchThis can take care of these for you. The maximum print size is 300x300x400mm and the print material is PLA (other materials in consultation). We do of course offer this service within reasonability and fairness.
  • Access to Specialists
    You need different talents to turn an idea into a good product. Sometimes a creator does not need anyone for the development and is able to come up with a prototype of product and video presentation, others need help on one or more components. You will find specialists in many areas within the LaunchThis community. When submitting your idea you indicate what you need help with and they will ask you to view and evaluate your idea, but you can also view the profiles and invite them to work with you. They do this in exchange for a share in the profit. You can also choose to have it performed against payment.
  • ProjectCoach
    Online support with the development of your product idea.
  • 7 Days Trial period/idea
    Within this period you can withdraw the product idea at any time provided you have not yet shared the idea with other Launchers. This way you can try out without obligations whether you like working with your BusinessBuddy.

At registration or launch choose the desired MemberPack and the rest will be self-explanatory.

  • Help to develop for reward
    Help others with your creative or technical knowledge and skills against payment or in exchange for a share in the profit. This goes as follows: Search for an interesting product based on the short descriptions. Ask the creator for access. Participate in the conversation Indicate whether you want to participate and under what conditions
  • Access to Private Challenges from Product Publishers
    Private Challenges are specific requests from the industry. You can then submit product ideas for this.

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