Sander Meuwese | Founder
Product Development & Launch Accelerator

LaunchThis is a collaboration platform that brings together inventors, designers, inventors and makers to jointly, supported by professional project management, an experienced production partner and a large network of international retailers, agents, resellers, distributors and product publishers (licensees), ideas to into successful consumer products.

An endless alumni of product ideas never see the light of day because the ideators are not able to get them on the market. Besides, well-known brands and retail chains are eagerly looking for innovation in their assortments. LaunchThis helps inventors and brings supply and demand together.

LaunchThis is a multinational without staff. Self-employed Launchers do the work in teams, provide knowledge or other matters and distribute the financial result. LaunchThis acts as business partner.

There are various organizations that help creative talents to get non-commercial projects off the ground. Unfortunately there are only few organization helping creative talents to get commercial projects off the ground. LaunchThis fills this gap.

Creative talents are often very good in a part of the product development process and therefore unable to actually get a product on the market. In this way endless good ideas never reach the stores. By joining forces within the LaunchThis platform, all important facets are filled by a variety of talents and this dissolves. This way of working also means that creatives can focus on what they like to do most, without administrative and organizational hassle.